Since Industrial revolution we have been constantly involved in obtaining comfort solutions by and large at the cost of our environment. Harmful effect of fossil fuels and limitations to these resources is now well known to society. Our technical knowhow enables us to understand the environmental scenario better and we as Individuals, Societies, States & Nations certainly understand the need to take actions for promoting energy sources compatible to our environment.

AMOGEO intends to become a single point contact for Solutions involving Renewable sources of energy. We promote and synergize with research and development organizations around the World to implement strategies which help in milking renewable energy usages at minimal cost.

A Strong Commitment favoring usage of Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass & Hydro in our homes, business and establishments is all what is required. No successful project can run without the decision makers resolve. It’s the key functionaries in government, industry and society whose avid response to promotion of renewable sources to feed energy solutions is what will pave the way for a Clean, Green, Serene and Sustainable Energy Solutions.