Solar water pumps are best alternate option for widely pumps used for irrigation and drinking water, run on fuel gensets or electricity. It can be installed in any remote location.

The electricity produced by solar panels is used for operating DC surface centrifugal mono-block pump set orsubmersible pump for lifting water from open well or water bodies for minor irrigation and drinking water purpose. Available from .5 HP to 30 HP on DC voltage.

This system is offered as combo solution using Solar Modules, Charge Controller and water pump. It is must to match the frequency of all components to get better power.

There is an awesome solution at farms If you want to use an AC voltage water pump, where a customized Solar PV plant is set up to match your power requirement to operate water pump and other lighting at farms

ie: To run a 5 HP water pump, a 7.5 to 10 KWp Solar power plant is initiated to meet out essential power requirement and when the pump is not in operation same power could be used for any other lighting or electric requirement