ETC – Evacuated Tube Collector, made up of Borosilite glass tubes system is the most popular SOLAR Water Heating system used for domestic as well as commercial usage. The system heats water with Evacuated Tube Collectors - ETC to a temperature of 60-80 Degree Celsius.

AMOGEO provides ETC Heating Systems in multiples of 100 LPD / 150 LPD / 200 LPD / 250 LPD / 500 LPD / 1000 LPD / 1500 LPD / 2000 LPD capacity – Liters per Day. Our systems are very rugged and durable and have a life of 15-20 years depending upon the quality of water.

FPC – Flat Plat Collector, made up with copper/aluminum tubes mounted on a flat surface, coated with heat absorbing chemicals and covered with toughened glass have been in use even before ETC Type was developed. These are advance SOLAR water heating systems used for high value domestic hot water usage. It heats water with Flat plate Collectors up to a temperature of 75 Degree Celsius. FPC SOLAR water heater is compatible with pressure pumps for high pressure use like Jacuzzi and fountains.