We also design and custom-build Portable and Mobile Power Stations which run on SOLAR as well as Utility Grids. These systems find their use in temporary assignments, remote locations as well as defense operations, disaster management, etc. There is no requirement of fixed civil foundations or permanent structures to use portable SOLAR generators. Presently available in 550 Watts, 1 KVA and 1.5 KVA, and can be customized to be used on heavy mobile loaders with 5 KW to 15 KW of peak load.

These are widely used in defense operations, Disaster management, Events at remote locations for instant power usage. There is no requirement of fixed civil foundation or permanent structure to use portable solar generators.

System components

  • AC Mode
  • Solar Panels : 1000 to 5000 Wp
  • SOLAR PCU : 1 to 5 KVA
  • C10 @ 200 AH Lead Acid Tubular Batteries¬†
  • Wires and other accessories
  • Modulartrolley