In spite of India becoming advance day-by-day, still there are thousands of villages – in plains and mountainous regions where electricity has not reached. AMOGEO is doing its bit by bringing affordable and cheap SOLAR Power to our helpless brethren who are devoid of this basic necessity – the Electricity. Our solutions are very reliable and trustworthy as the user is solely dependent upon SUN. Our systems are available for small cottages/ homes in remote areas and their installation is very easy. Normally the systems are designed in DC mode, but we can also provide standalone AC systems.

AMOGEO can provide small and big power plants which give electricity to run household appliances from 100 watts onwards to any size depending on one’s / Community’s need. Instead of charge controllers, these systems are connected to Power Conditioning Units (PCU’s) also commonly called SOLAR inverters. We can design a solution forany load capacity as per the requirement of the village / community. SOLAR Inverters convertDC power coming from SOLAR PV modules into AC power to run electric gadgets while also charging the back-up batteries for nights when SUN is not shining.


This SOLAR power solution is utterly dependent on sun. It works 100% on solar energy and is best suitable for the areas not having grid electricity. These systems are available for small cottage and homes in remote areas where grid electricity is not available.