An awesome investment opportunity with GOOD returns on investments for a lifetime is what SOLAR Power is. We all know every element in universe runs on energy, and life without energy is no-no, and if this energy is harnessed from SUN for a lifetime, that too with a onetime investment, what better one can dream of. We are highly dependent on electricity - for our day to day power usage. It is an everlasting requirement of society, and harnessing electricity from SUN is a high return business. Investing in a SOLAR Farm not only puts you as a role model for adopting GREEN, CLEAN, SERENE means of Sustainable Living, but also enables you to make good profits from this FREE and everlasting source SUN for almost a lifetime.

AMOGEO is with you for transforming your dream into a reality. From very large projects funded by Nodal Agencies of the government to small scale investors, our team of experienced experts can provide Design and Engineering, Procurement & Construction, Commissioning & Installation, Consultation, Operations & Maintenance Services of Solar PV Plants - a complete Turnkey Solution to harness SUN for a profitable venture - step by step, as under

  • • Site Survey and Feasibility Study,
  • • Detailed SOLAR Resource Assessment,
  • • Preparation of Bankable Detailed Project Report,
  • • Plant Conceptualization and Design,
  • • Selection of Technology, Equipments and Components,
  • • Detailed Electrical, Civil and Structural Design,
  • • Comprehensive Project Management,
  • • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with State Electricity Utilities,
  • • Supervision and Quality control,
  • • Third Party Inspection,
  • • Commissioning, and
  • • Operations & Maintenance Services.

Not only this, we also help you to comply with RPO’s set by State Electricity Regularity Commissions and help you generate REC’s while monetizing various tax benefits, availing state subsidies, etc..

Once your Solar Farm is ready than you are all set to sell your Solar power production to Government and Society under PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) mode.