We at AMOGEO are here to educate & revolutionize the Energy utilization concepts around the world. We bring in our concept of ‘Clean, Green, Serene & Sustainable Energy Solutions’ to accentuate growth in the usage of Renewable Energy around the world.

Amogeo provides Consultancy in Renewable Energy technologies based on our proven industry experience with a team of highly skilled technical People. We provide guidance and consultancy for both on-grid and off-grid SOLAR Power Projects for Industry and Investors; SOLAR Thermal Heating Solutions for Hospitality Industry - Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels, Resorts; Heating of Swimming Pools with SOLAR and Generation of Steam for Industrial use – Pharmaceuticals, Chemical & Textile Industry, Building Integrated Photovoltaic’s - BIPV Systems for GREEN Buildings, use of Biomass in Industry and Communities, harnessing the power of Water Streams - Micro hydro and using Wind Mills where high velocity winds blows. We are into the Integration business of all the major components of Renewable Ecosystem – Sun, Water, Wind and the natural leftover waste.

With time our team has developed relationships with experts in the Renewable Energy space which gives us the opportunity to provide the best expert advice to initiate a worthy successful business model for our customers, as :


  • How to Go  Green?
  • How to choose and use Renewable energy source?
  • Advisory services for developing solar projects.
  • Technical feasibility, Mapping and sizing.
  • Customized Technology solutions.
  • Budgeting and benefits.
  • Grants and subsidies.
  • DPR’s –Detailed Project Reports for Market Assessment, Business Planning and Entry Strategy.
  • Project appraisal, development, evaluation and monitoring.
  • Govt. policies and regulatory approvals
  • Exploring means for CSR through Renewable Systems.