How long will the PV modules last?

Our SOLAR panels are backed by a 25 year power output guarantee. As a manufacturer this shows our faith in the durability and reliability of our modules. Although our warranty is for 25 years the modules are expected to last up to 40-50 years.

What is the maintenance required for the PV panels?

PV panels are virtually maintenance-free, all they need is to be cleaned. However this is mostly done by the rain. If necessary you can even hose the modules down. Wash them in the morning or evening when they are not hot to prevent thermal shock.

If I move, can I take my SOLAR system?

You can certainly take your SOLAR system with you however it’s likely better to leave it. SOLAR panels increase the resale value of the property.

How will the weather affect my SOLAR system?

SOLAR electric systems are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. These systems can easily withstand weather extremes – high/cold temperature, lightening, winds up to 80 mph and snowfall.

What if I need to replace my roof?

In most cases the SOLAR system can be easily removed and reinstalled on your new roof.

Can I use SOLAR power to heat my home?

Absolutely! Radiant heating applies SOLAR thermal technology. Transferring SOLAR energy through pipes into an under floor radiant heating system is a wonderful way to stay warm. Radiant floor systems are typically 40 percent more efficient than their forced air counterpart and can be zoned to match thermal comfort to each room.

What components are required for an on grid SOLAR electric system?

You will need a photovoltaic array to capture the sun’s energy, an inverter to convert DC to AC, Net meter – that can record both the electricity produced from your home’s power system as well as any power you may use off the grid. These three system components are then connected through a series of wiring.

How many SOLAR panels do I need for an electric SOLAR power system?

The size of the photovoltaic system is correlated to your home’s energy-use needs, available space for a system, and overall costs for the system components and installation. SOLAR contractors in your area can help determine the best size for your SOLAR photovoltaic system.

What is the average cost of grid connected rooftop SOLAR systems in India

The average cost of grid connected rooftop SOLAR systems is about Rs. 80 per watt or Rs. 8.0crore per MWp capacity without any Battery back-up.

What is the Financial Assistance provided by the Ministry?

There is a provision of Central Financial Assistance of 15% of the total cost or Rs. 12 per watt or Rs. 1.20 crore per MWp under the Grid Connected Rooftop and Small SOLAR Plants Program of the Ministry.

What are the other fiscal incentives available for SOLAR Rooftop Systems?

There are provisions of concessional import duty/excise duty exemption, accelerated depreciation and tax holiday for setting up of grid connected SOLAR power plants.

What efforts Government in India is making in providing loans for SOLAR Power Plants ?

Department of Financial services has instructed all Public Sector Banks to encourage home loan/ home improvement loan seekers to install rooftop SOLAR PV plants and include cost of system in their home loan proposals. So far, nine PSBs namely Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, State Bank of India, Dena Bank , Central Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Allahabad Bank, Indian Bank and Indian Overseas Bank have given instructions to extend loan for Grid Interactive Rooftop SOLAR PV Plants as home loan/ home improvement loan.

Can I get a financing scheme for a SOLAR array?

Yes, SOLAR applications are considered as priority sector for national banks as government appreciation policy. Even new constructions can attach SOLAR System as an integral component of the building and be considered as part of construction for home loan.

Do your SOLAR panels have a warranty?

Yes you can insure your SOLAR array under general insurance policy.

Do your SOLAR panels have a warranty?

One of our trained specialists will be able to inform you of the incentives available to you in your area. Also to make this process simple for you, we will provide you with all of the necessary paperwork for application.